5 reasons why you shouldn’t wear makeup at all times

Makeup is thought to make you look pretty. But you can still look beautiful by letting your inner and natural beauty shine. Some people rely on makeup everyday; but this can be extremely harmful. Here are the reasons you shouldn’t wear makeup at all times.

Causes acne and allergic reactions

Most makeup contains ingredients that shouldn’t be applied on skin; for example, sodium benzoate, propylene glycol, etc. These may cause allergy. Due to excessive use, these might have permanent negative effect on your skin. Makeups can also cause acne. Makeup clogs your pores and creates more acne while hiding it.

Not fixing blemishes, just covering them

Using your makeup, you are just hiding your blemishes. This is not a cure. You should try to find the cause of your blemishes instead of covering them.

Not embracing your true self

Many women think that wearing makeup will make them more accepting; but this is not true. You should embrace your natural beauty. Makeup boosts confidence, but it doesn’t help you to love yourself.

Takes up valuable time

Putting on makeup everyday can be time consuming. You can be more productive instead of wasting your time putting on makeup everyday.

Costs a lot of money

Makeups are expensive. A study has found out that, on average, a woman spends about $300 per year on makeup. You can use this money in more important things instead.

Applying makeup occasionally is fine. But if you apply it everyday, it will have adverse effect on your skin. So, you should avoid putting on makeup everyday.