3 revolutionary beauty products of 2016

This year there has been a number of new revolutionary beauty products in the market that are set to transform your face. Here are some of the revolutionary beauty products of 2016.

1. Three minute fake tan

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Tan is predicted to be this summer’s best seller. It can be lathered onto wet skin and washed off after just three minutes. You will see that it develops into an even sun-kissed glow over the next eight hours. In this product, the tanning ingredient DHA is engineered to activate when in comes in contact with water. You will get this product for only £14.50.

2. Smarter SPFs

Shiseido’s Wetforce Expert Sun Aging Protection lets you spend up to 80 minutes in the water or pool without getting burned. The product contains negatively charged polymers which are attracted to the positively charged minerals in water. This creates a stronger water repellent protection against the sun. This costs only £ 32.

3. Sculpting skincare

Estee Lauder’s sculpting skincare product will help you to define your contour perfectly. The product can be used by anyone of any age to life, define and tighten skin. The Shape + Fill Expert Serum of Estee Lauder costs £ 62. It will work on three levels. It will plump the skin with hyaluronic acid and lipids, support the skin’s structure with a procollagen complex and create define by boosting the skin’s elastin.

These products are highly researched. You can try out these products and discover a new image of yourself in the mirror.