Must have resources for barbers

Being a barber is more than you can just imagine of. It requires the skill, practice and artistry to deal with different hairstyles and different kinds of hair comprising of long hair, short hair, curly hair and straight hair. However, in order to be a good barber, you need certain kinds of tools and equipments in order to perform your work well. Read on.

 The best barber scissors

The main thing that barbers can just not do without is a pair of sharp scissors. They top the list in the barbers list of equipment. Many of the countries are still not as advanced or rich to get a pair of clippers and they have to do without a pair of scissors which is affordable and at the same time efficient. Investing in a good pair of sharp scissors is definitely essential and you would need a good scissor sooner or later. Scissors are really easy to use, they last long, you can make various styles with them and last but not the least, they are affordable.

Electric clippers for professional barbers

Home hair cutters can always do with a pair of small scissors as the demand is less. Barbers who are earning a living by cutting the hair, needs to carry the best kind of equipments, that are of high quality. That is why you would need to invest in the best kind of clippers. An electric hair clipper is something that you need to carry all the time. A good electric clipper is pretty easy to choose. At the same time it is easy to use, has a lot of power and is of excellent quality. You can choose from a number of electric clippers from well known hair cutting equipment stores. You can get the best kind of clippers in Mens Barbers London stores.

Straight Razor for Barbers

The next essential tool for a barber on his list is the renowned straight razor. A razor is known to give the closest possible shave which is clean and accurate. A razor is however a little difficult to use and it needs the right kind of skill and accuracy. This is a tool for experienced barbers. A good blade is about 5/8″ with a round point. You can choose from a variety of razors from different stores among which the Mens Barbers London stores are the best of the lot. A straight razor can range from affordable to expensive pieces and you can start with the smaller one and upgrade yourself when you feel that you can handle it. The vintage straight razor is a great option for beginners and they are convenient as well.

Apart from this, some of the most important equipments that barbers should carry are a hair comb, a mirror, a cape, tweezers, hair lotions, Shave oil and towel warmer, blow dryer and more. These are some of the most important accessories for a barber to carry.

Laser hair removal – pros and cons

Most women dream to be able to permanently remove hair from problematic areas of their body. So far, methods like shaving and plucking have given results, but only temporary. It is only a matter of  days  when regrowth will be visible after shaving and maybe a little  bit more after plucking. These tedious tasks over time become even more tedious and tiresome. So, how can women expect to achieve a hairless body with long-lasting results? Laser hair  removal is the closest thing to a permanent solution.

Pros of laser hair removal

This method of hair removal has been around for a couple of decades now, and it took a while before it was perfected. Today, most of the practices embrace it, starting from beauty salons to dermatologists.

First of all, laser hair removal is a very efficient method when compared to other traditional methods like shaving or plucking. It is also very practical because it can be employed in very specific, desired areas.

Not only it is effective, it is a very quick method. Laser hair removal is probably the fastest solution when compared to other methods. Disposal of unwanted hair has never been easier.  It takes only a few seconds to treat certain areas of affected skin. For example, removing the hair from the lower lip will only take a few seconds. A typical session to remove the hair from a leg or the whole back will last approximately an hour.

Finally, this method is very effective. While permanent results are not absolutely guaranteed, laser hair removal is just about the only solution on the brink of permanent. Of course, it will take more than one session to achieve the best results and reduce regrowth to almost zero. After doing some research we have found a reputable firm called Silky Smooth Beauty offer these services. Some experts claim that eight session does the trick and gives permanent results. This way you can cancel all your shaving or waxing sessions, once you are finished with laser treatment.

Cons of  laser hair removal

It would be wrong to claim that laser hair removal is 100% perfect. Just like other methods, it does have certain flaws, but much less in number when compared to others. You should keep these disadvantages in mind before you decide to go for this method.

Permanent results are possible, but not guaranteed. Laser hair removal cannot be considered a 100% permanent solution for undesired hair growth.

Furthermore, this method carries some side effects which may or may not appear. For example, the most common side effects include itching and swelling, skin burns and discolorations. Also, pain and tingling sensations may appear, sometimes followed by numbness of the area treated with lasers.

One more disadvantage is the price. Laser hair removal can be pricy and repeated sessions mean more money out of your pocket. On the other hand, the money you will save afterwards because you will skip all the shaving or waxing treatments may just be enough to balance the scales. You might end up saving a bit of money in the long run.

Difference between waxing and shaving in males

Importance of waxing

Waxing is one of the most important tasks, not only for women, but it is also an equally important task for men, as well. Waxing is used to remove unnecessary hairs from different parts of the body, such that it becomes comfortable for you to do all the activities, which you in your regular life. But a number of people are there, who prefer shaving or waxing, but that is not always a good decision, as it can lead to a number of troubles. Waxing is the best way to remove unnecessary hairs from different parts of the body, as it offers a lot of convenience.

Hair regrowth

If you shave your hairs, from different parts of the body, hairs will regrow, as a result you will have to repeat the process of shaving, once again. Moreover, in case of shaving, the hairs grow quite large, and the process is evident after every time you shave. But in case of waxing, hairs will definitely grow in that particular part of the body, but that will not be a quick process. Hairs will grow on a gradual basis, maybe after two or three months, when you will again have to do the process of waxing. But in case of shaving the hairs regrow within a period of 2 to 3 weeks, though depending on your genetic aspects.


While shaving, it might give rise to itches, as you are using the blades for the purpose of shaving. After shaving, you will have to use a number of items, such that you can eradicate itching, and shaving is always a troublesome job, as it can lead to cuts which can bleed. Thus, it is always necessary to take necessary precautions for the purpose of shaving. But in case of waxing, the process is completely safe, as you are using a particular gene kind of item on the hairs, and you are removing it gently. Thus, the process is free from any kind of cuts which are associated with the process of shaving unnecessary hairs.

Waxing lotions

There are a number of lotions available in the market, which are used for waxing in case of men. If you are looking for different kind of lotions available in the market, which are good in quality, you must go to Drakes of London, where you can also get a number of tips which are related to waxing in case of males. Depending upon the genetic aspects, body hairs may grow at various parts of the body, and sometimes it is necessary to do a complete body waxing.

Complete body waxing

A complete body waxing is a complicated process, and thus, you should not attempt that without knowing the various problems that might come out of it. If you are a beginner, you must go to Drakes of London, which is the best website, which are related to various problems, which are faced by men, and you can also get numerous solutions for your problems. In case you have any kind of issues with normal or the complete body waxing you can refer to the website.

What is Waist Training?

With all the popularity its seen among celebrities like Kim Kardashian it’s no wonder that waist training – way to, well, train your waist by wearing a tight-fitting corset – is becoming the next big trend in the world of exercise. But what is waist training and, better yet, how does it work? Let’s find out more about waist training.

The Basic Idea

The basic idea behind waist training is to try and slim down the area between your hips and ribcage by working the abs and obliques. By exercising these muscles you can achieve a slimmer and more defined waist.

Corset Types

There are two main corset types in waist training; the first kind is to build up strength and is most commonly used by women just after giving birth to help with back problems. The other kind is used during workouts. It raises your body temperature which causes you to sweat more and makes you feel like you’re burning away at extra fat. In a way you are. The corset that Kim Kardashian wears is essentially a mixture of the two. It aids her workouts while still improve her core with extra support.

The Results You can Expect

The main goal of waist training is to leave yourself with an hourglass figure. While you may be unable to change the size of your hips (something defined by your bones) you can get rid of those love hands and fat layers around your waist to leave behind some true curves.

The Exercises You Should Do

When you’re wearing a waist trainer then the most obvious exercises to do are core and abdominal exercises. It’s important to remember that you can only really do this by getting rid of the residual body fat first. So you need to mix in some metabolic training and fat-burning exercises with your exercises for targeting specific areas/muscles.

Top Waist Training Tips

  1. Training doesn’t necessarily begin in the gym. It’s impossible to get a good looking body while you’re still eating junk food. The first thing you should always do is improve your diet. Waist training cannot do all the work for you.
  2. If you’re unfit or overweight then you should start with some high intensity cardio classes before going into waist training. You need to get rid of all the fat first or waist training won’t work. All you do is strengthen the muscles behind the fat but the fat is still there.
  3. If you’re a regular at the gym and you generally eat a healthy diet and are having trouble seeing results then think about taking a break. If you exercise too much it can leave your body in a state of stress. Stress means that more cortisone is produced. Cortisone allows fat to build up around the waist. So do something different like taking a yoga class, or get a massage and let your body rest and recover so you can see results.


If you’ve made your mind up and decided to go for a Waist Trainer, we strongly suggest you read the best waist trainer post on – Waist Training Center, Ashley writes a good review!

Qualities to Look for in a Nose Hair Trimmer

So you are looking for a nose hair trimmer and you were surprised to find that you have more and more choices to choose from. Since there are many choices available, choosing which one to buy is truly hard. You can narrow down your search and be able to find the best nose hair trimmer by knowing what you should look for.

Here are the most important factors that you must take into account so you will be able to get the best nose hair trimmer for yourself:

The Motor and Its Motor

Most nose hair trimmers do use electricity through AA batteries and you will never find one that comes with a rechargeable battery. The batteries will power up the motor of a nose hair trimmer so that it can move very fast and twist the blades. Therefore, when the motor is so slow, the job may take more time than usual.

How would you be able to know the speed of the motor prior to purchase a nose hair trimmer? It is simple. Read customer reviews available online and then read through. Be sure that you read over the comments of user who under-rated the item and then look at the number of good reviews and negative reviews. If the item has more positive reviews than the negative ones, it means this product is a good choice.

Shape and Design

The design of the grooming tool can highly determine the product’s usability. Technically, it may have an extremely fast motor and some other high end features, yet it cannot fit your hands perfectly. In short, you would not enjoy using the product. You could see this through enlarging the photo of the item when you find one. Look at the shape of it, read the product description and then search for the weight of the nose hair trimmer.

Battery Life

The best thing about the nose or ear hair trimmer is that it uses battery cells that will not cost that much. A piece of AA battery can already work for as long as 90 days, which is equivalent to 3 months. When you read over customer reviews and see that many of them complain regarding battery usage, do not consider that trimmer and look for another good option.


For many, the price is a very important factor to consider when buying anything. In case of a nose hair trimmer, you need to look for an item that is truly durable and easy to use, based on what was revealed in the customer reviews. You may be opting to a cheaper one, but be sure that it offers the best quality so you get the best value for your money.

These are the most important factors that you should keep in mind today and use as a guide to find the right nose hair trimmer to purchase. Narrow down your research and pick the item that is highly recommended and trusted by many consumers. Don’t settle for the first one you can find online. Know your choices and pick the item that will make you happy and satisfied.

3 revolutionary beauty products of 2016

This year there has been a number of new revolutionary beauty products in the market that are set to transform your face. Here are some of the revolutionary beauty products of 2016.

1. Three minute fake tan

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Tan is predicted to be this summer’s best seller. It can be lathered onto wet skin and washed off after just three minutes. You will see that it develops into an even sun-kissed glow over the next eight hours. In this product, the tanning ingredient DHA is engineered to activate when in comes in contact with water. You will get this product for only £14.50.

2. Smarter SPFs

Shiseido’s Wetforce Expert Sun Aging Protection lets you spend up to 80 minutes in the water or pool without getting burned. The product contains negatively charged polymers which are attracted to the positively charged minerals in water. This creates a stronger water repellent protection against the sun. This costs only £ 32.

3. Sculpting skincare

Estee Lauder’s sculpting skincare product will help you to define your contour perfectly. The product can be used by anyone of any age to life, define and tighten skin. The Shape + Fill Expert Serum of Estee Lauder costs £ 62. It will work on three levels. It will plump the skin with hyaluronic acid and lipids, support the skin’s structure with a procollagen complex and create define by boosting the skin’s elastin.

These products are highly researched. You can try out these products and discover a new image of yourself in the mirror.



Top 5 sites for keeping up with the biggest trends in beauty and fashion

There are hundreds of fashion blogs and magazine where you can find about the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Here are some very good sites that you can follow.

1. Refinery29


Here, you will learn about the most current trends in beauty and fashion. The fashion section of this side is huge. It includes styling tips, street styles, and interviews with designers, etc. You can sign up for their newsletter. You can also get weekly shopping updates based on your location.

2. WhoWhatWear


This site covers everything on fashion. You will find some very good tips regarding fashion. In includes fashion editor guides on seasonal trends, style videos, etc. You will learn what to wear in which occasion. You will get daily updates on current fashion on this blog.

3.  DailyLook


This site is like your own personal stylist. You will get 7 to 11 hand selected fashion items based on your preference at your door. You can try them on, keep whatever you like and send back the rest. You will only be charged for the items you keep. They have a ‘trending looks’ section that will give you update on daily fashion. You can also learn a lot of things about fashion from their stylists.

4.  TargetStyle


This is your guide for affordable style. This site focuses on beauty, fashion and décor. You will get styling tips, designer collections, fashion items under $50, and many more.

 5. Cliché Magazine


This magazine contains news about fashion and beauty trends. You will be updated with the latest fashion trends, collections, and must-have seasonal items. You will be able to read exclusive interviews of top designers and even get some fashion related giveaways in special occasions.

You must regularly follow these sites if you want to know the latest trends in fashion and beauty. You will also be able to learn a lot of things regarding fashion and beauty from these sites.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t wear makeup at all times

Makeup is thought to make you look pretty. But you can still look beautiful by letting your inner and natural beauty shine. Some people rely on makeup everyday; but this can be extremely harmful. Here are the reasons you shouldn’t wear makeup at all times.

Causes acne and allergic reactions

Most makeup contains ingredients that shouldn’t be applied on skin; for example, sodium benzoate, propylene glycol, etc. These may cause allergy. Due to excessive use, these might have permanent negative effect on your skin. Makeups can also cause acne. Makeup clogs your pores and creates more acne while hiding it.

Not fixing blemishes, just covering them

Using your makeup, you are just hiding your blemishes. This is not a cure. You should try to find the cause of your blemishes instead of covering them.

Not embracing your true self

Many women think that wearing makeup will make them more accepting; but this is not true. You should embrace your natural beauty. Makeup boosts confidence, but it doesn’t help you to love yourself.

Takes up valuable time

Putting on makeup everyday can be time consuming. You can be more productive instead of wasting your time putting on makeup everyday.

Costs a lot of money

Makeups are expensive. A study has found out that, on average, a woman spends about $300 per year on makeup. You can use this money in more important things instead.

Applying makeup occasionally is fine. But if you apply it everyday, it will have adverse effect on your skin. So, you should avoid putting on makeup everyday.